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Ministry of CLS Duties and Responsibilities:

Reviewing and ensuring sufficient and efficient labour market, cooperative and social welfare regulation and legislation.
Policymaking and planning aim at work relations regulation, assessment and reduction of worker community's problems.
Regulating employee-employer relationship through trilateral approaches aim at workforce retaining.
Policymaking and planning in order to expand civil society and NGOs in the areas of cooperative, labour and welfare.
Providing integrated, strategic policy advices related to healthy and safe workplace, labour's standards, and determining the minimum wage through "labour high council".
Determining employment policies, approaches and respective planning in the government comprehensive social welfare system framework.
Overseeing foreigner's employment, investment and social insurance.
Planning for applied researches and studies in the areas of cooperative, labour and social welfare.
Planning for targeting subsidies and other supporting sources in order to raising employment rate and developing comprehensive social welfare system.
Policymaking and planning in line with integrating and coordinating different sections of government, aims at social vulnerability prevention and reduction.
Collaboration in determining the absolute and relative poverty line.
Policy making and planning to providing the minimum standards of life for all strata, with priority of low income, vulnerable groups and disabled groups among comprehensive social welfare system.
Planning for establishing a multilayer social security system.
Planning for implementing the referral system based on family physician and "Health Insurance"
Providing and preparing legal bills, regulations and article of associations in regards with cooperative, labour and social welfare.
Preparing and regulating fundamental plans in line with the articles 44, 43, 29, and 21 of constitution.
Study, policymaking and planning in a bid to cooperative section development.
Granting financial and technical supports to NGOs, cooperatives and other experts organizations in line with ministry objectives and duties.