Minister Resume


   Dr. Ali Rabiei



Position Minister of Cooperatives, Labour and Social Welfare (I.R. of Iran)

Date of Birth May 11, 1955




Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration, University of Tehran

Master of Arts in Cultural Management (Social Affairs), Allameh Tabatabaii University

Ph.D. in Strategic Management



Academic Experience

Faculty Member of Payame Noor University (Associate Professor Grade 23)

Instructor of Faculty of Political Science/ Faculty of Social Science, UT

Instructor, Department of Cultural Management, Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch

Instructor, Imam Mohammad Bagher University of  Technology

Instructor, Amin Police University

Instructor, Department of Management, KAR Institute of Higher Education


Public Service

Secretary of Center for Administrative Corruption Prevention and Safety Promotion, 2000-2005

Social Advisor to the President, 1997- 2005


Chief Executive of Supreme National Security Council’s Secretariat/ Head of Advertising Committee, 1993-2005

Manager of Labour Branch, Islamic Republican Party,  from victory of Revolution up to 1981 


Civil Activities

Co-founder of Worker’s House and Member of Central Council

Manager and Editor in Chief of KARvaKARGAR Newspaper

Member of Supreme Employment Council, 1980-1982

Co-founder and Board Member of KAR Institute of Higher Education


Technical Experiences

Board Member of Paayvar Co. 

Board Member of Nemad Kosar Food Industries Investment Co.

Board Member of Glucose Starch Co., Foundation of Martyrs

Chairman of the Board, Oxidaneh Kosar Co.

Chairman of the Board of Saveh Industrial Companies, Islamic Revolution Mostazafan Foundation

Chair man of the Board of Iran Industrial Resins Co.

Board Member of Takestan Pharmaceutical Co.



Teaching Record

Teaching Doctoral/post graduate programs, Faculty of Political Science, UT

Teaching MA program, Faculty of Social Science, UT

Teaching BA/MA programs, IMB University of Technology

Teaching MA program, IAU, Science and Research Branch

Teaching MA/PhD programs in management, communication and sociology, Payame Noor University

Teaching BA/MA in KAR Institute of Higher Education  

Curriculum designing and conducting courses on entrepreneurship and business skills

Designing MPS course for University of Applied Science and Technology



Achievements and Awards

Winner of “Crystal Pen” Award 1998 for the best editorial, Press Festival

Distinguished Researcher of Payame Noor University 2011


Membership in Scientific and Academic Centers 

Editor in chief of “Society, Culture and Media” Journal, since 2010

Editorial board member of Culture and Society in the Middle East Journal

Editorial board member of Global Media Journal, UT

Editorial board member of Rahbord (Strategy) Journal, Center for Strategic Research

Editorial board member of “Socio-cultural Strategy” Quarterly

Board member of Iranian Scientific Association for Cultural and Communication Studies

Board member of Iranian Political Science Association

Member of Iranian Sociological Association

Member of Organizational Behavior Management



Scientific and Research Record

Advisor to Strategic Research Center, The Expediency Council, since 1995

Member of Policymaking Council, Center for Strategic Research, up to 2005

Head of Political Studies and Research Institute, from 1989-1994

Member of Technical Council, MBA Dep./ Communication & Media Management, Payame Noor University, 2009

Secretary of Technical Council, Dep. of Sociology (PhD program), Center for Graduate Studies, Payame Noor, 2011 

Member of Scientific Committee, 4th Seminar on Iranian Press Issues, Deputy of Information and Press Affairs, 2012

Scientific Secretary of National Conference on Supporting Iranian Labour and Capital, Labour and Social Security Institute

Member of Scientific Committee, Conference on Tehran Cultural Strategic Management (Cultural Matrix), Tehran Municipality, 2012




Presenting 56 scientific articles and essays in journals: ISC, ISI, scientific, research, extension magazines

Implementation of 17 research projects at national level on management, entrepreneurship, productivity, sociology and strategic management

Authoring 9 books entitled: 

Sociology of Value DevelopmentsIranian Voters Behavior (2001), 

Sociopolitical Causes of Corruption in the Third World Countries (2003),


National Security Studies: An Introduction on National Security Theories in the Third World (2005),

 The Crux of Civil Administration: Development and Security in the Third World Countries (2007),


Management of Organizational DNA: New Strategies for Increasing Organization’s Effectiveness and Convergence (2012),


Knowledge Management, Processes and Approaches (2012),


Management of Natural Disasters (2013),


Enhancement of Knowledge Management in Organizations Using Information Technology (2013),


Social Capital and Knowledge Management (2013),


other publications in knowledge management, political sociology, development, national security and crisis management.

Presenting paper and addressing 17 international and 23 national conferences

Thesis supervising and advising: knowledge management (26 theses);


marketing (37 theses);


privatization (8 theses);


strategic management (33 theses);


sociology and communication (20 theses);


national security studies (27 theses);


other management topics (41 theses)