mission & vision

Mission and Vision - Ministry of Cooperatives, Labour and Social Welfare

To make policy, plan, strategy, to monitor and oversee in order to regulate labour relations in compliance with the principle of tripartism, to protect workforce, to develop and empower cooperatives, to create balance in the labour market, to enhance jobs sustainability and to promote social justice in the field of insurance, support and empowerment in accordance with the principles of comprehensiveness, adequacy and all-inclusiveness based on the insurance law.

1- Protecting workforce with a focus to improve labour productivity
2- Improving workers’ and employers’ cultural and social indicators
3- Creating balance in the labour market
4- Increasing the share of the cooperative sector in the national economy
5- Developing and promoting social welfare indicators
6- Reducing social vulnerability
7- Extending and promoting social insurance
8- Creating stability and balance between resources and expenditures of social insurance funds
9- Building administrative efficiency and improving effectiveness of the governance role of the Ministry to fulfill its missions.

Last Update : Jun 27, 2020 12:23