Model of BARJAM to Solve Huge Problems

Minister of Cooperatives, Labour and Social Welfare said, “We are able to solve issues related to water, environment, pension funds, unemployment, employment and economic prosperity by the model of BARJAM”.
“Today, 294 companies from all over the world are visiting Iran voluntarily and with their own expense, upon a simple invitation on our side. This is definitely a good sign”.
He further informed of a $ 5 billion finance proposal for shipping projects by a Chinese bank. He underlined that the country needs an 8% growth in a diversity of sectors, in addition to lift of sanction; so, as domestic capital does not suffice this amount of growth, the country needs foreign investments.

“As emphasized by the Supreme Leader in a definition to the economy of resistance, we are not going to be a consumer market; our growth will be rapid in view of the volume of investments. On the other hand, we have numerous pension funds with a heavy economic weight and could be a guarantee for the investments and partnership by the existing and potential companies. We never expected this number of foreign companies to express willingness for cooperation with Iran”, he added.
“Our country enjoys certain advantages such as the first rank in gas production and third or fourth rank in petroleum, as well as 4,800,000 technical and engineering students and graduates, besides our geopolitical situation, our political stability and security. In fact, Iran is a pacific Island in the middle of the region”, he said.
Dr. Rabiei further reiterated, “To revive plants and factories, we need international connections; and reliable international companies can help us toward flourishing economy.”



Feb 2, 2016 16:46


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