Dr. Rabiei Receives Cardinal Tukson of Vatican

Dr. Rabiei Receives  Cardinal Tukson of Vatican

Ali Rabiei, in a meeting with Minister of Peace and Justice of Vatican, Cardinal Turkson, held here in the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labour and Social Welfare on Sunday said, “Mankind needs justice, peace and human rights to live. We need a common understanding among religions in fighting against violence, and more important is the national and transnational sympathy in order to realize peace and justice in the world.”
Dr. Rabiei said, “Please keep us in your prayers as we are heavily tasked with social welfare of our communities. The comments expressed by the Pope Francis were so valuable to us Iranians. Dr. Rouhani, the President, also believes that American people highly respected the Pope during his visit to US.”
Underlining the issues such as peace, justice and human rights as important as oxygenic for human being, Mr. Rabiei said, “Unfortunately, the world community is now in trouble with extremism. Past centuries dealt with radicalism as prevailed in the name of Islam, what has been responded with violence; however, such violence exported from western world to these countries.”
“I strongly believe that collaboration of the church and the Islamic Republic of Iran gathers momentum to nations’ rapprochement as well as the global peace since spiritual dialogue has the potential to bring about peace and justice”, added the Minister.
In part of his speech, Dr. Rabiei elaborated the tasks of his Ministry such as fighting against poverty, alleviating people’s suffering, elimination of any type of discrimination and assisting more equitable distribution of income, addressing the needs of the people with disabilities, female-headed households, control of narcotics addiction, violence and prevention of social vulnerabilities and said, “Within the past two years since the start of the Government of Wisdom and Hope, 10 million marginalized people are covered by medical insurance. I always thank God for the responsibility I am entrusted with to relieve people’s pain and sufferings.”
Dr. Rabiei expressed the willingness of MoCLSW for joint cooperation with Vatican and said, “There are issues of common interest between this Ministry and the objectives of the Ministry under your leadership. We will be more than happy to share our experiences on poverty alleviation and social justice expansion with you. “
Cardinal Turkson, the Vatican Minister of Justice and Peace, taking note of the church governance role said, “Our duties are not incorporated in one single Ministry like yours, but we carry out our duties in the Council for Justice and Peace, started since 1960 along with other councils. We have also the Council of Dialogue among Religions like Islam and Jewish religion and I am responsible for addressing social issues such as improving the quality of life, financial affairs, control of poverty, slavery, human organs trade and so on. Our goal is to make a happy and prosperous life for every human being.”
Cardinal Turkson further called for exchange of experiences between the Iranian Ministry of Cooperatives, Labour and Social Welfare and Vatican with respect to social justice and poverty reduction and expressed the desire of Vatican for collaboration with the Iranian counterparts in relevant seminars.


Feb 14, 2016 11:31


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