MoCLSW Receives Recognition and Award for Health Initiatives

The representative of Italian Minister for Health awarded Dr. Rabiei, the Iranian Minister of Cooperatives, Labour and Social Welfare an appreciation trophy in recognition of  the successful ventures of MoCLSW in insurance and health area.

During the International Congress of development of economic relations in the field of health, with a focus on Islamic countries, also attended by Kyrgyz Minister for Social Affairs, 5 top brands of the world of Islam from Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Iran and Lebanon were praised by receiving appreciation letter and awards.

Dr. Rabiei said, “It is the duty of Islamic countries to enhance social welfare and to create a joyful environment for people, and it could be better achieved by joint cooperation of these countries to take advantage of one another’s capacities”.

Cooperative Minister said, “Health indicator is a determining factor for all countries and health sector is potentially capable of developing relationship and cooperation among Muslim countries in pharmaceutics and medical equipment, exchange of academics and students in the field related to health and medical treatment, development of health tourism, and cooperation of knowledge-based companies dealing with health issues”.

“Islamic Republic of Iran enjoys high potentials and capacities to collaborate with and help other Islamic States in the field of health care, pharmaceuticals, hospital services and insurance industry. Iran is willing to provide Islamic countries with such services” said Dr. Rabiei.

Depicting the 4.5 billion dollars pharmaceutical market and 1.5 billion dollars medical equipment market of Iran, he said, “The market is so attractive for domestic and foreign investors. Iran has extensive experiences in training manpower in health sector and R&D. Iran is a 80 million people market and a favorable hub to cover regional requirements to pharmaceutics and other related products of great importance”.



Mar 5, 2016 15:58


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