Minister Rabiei Emphasizes Social Protection As Important Health Issue

In “the International Congress of development of economic relations in the field of health, with a focus on Islamic countries”, Dr. Rabiei said, “Development programs show that manpower health and training is the core issue in poverty eradication and human development. Economic growth in developing countries are disturbed due to low level of life, declining of most indicators and ascending trend of expenditures related to health care.”
The Minister of Cooperatives, Labour and Social Welfare said, “When we talk about health issue, we are in fact dealing with the social protection floor. Therefore, health is an inclusive matter beyond economic sector that includes moral issues as well.”
“social protection policies play an important role in poverty alleviation and supporting inclusive growth through boosting human capital, productivity and facilitating changes in the national economic organizations”, said Mr. Rabiei.
He further added, “Social security funds are facing serious challenges caused by an imbalance between number of the insured and those who receive services with the scarce resources available. Therefore, supporting health programs requires adoption of comprehensive plans”.
Dr. Rabiei urged Islamic countries to develop their economic, social and cultural cooperation, particularly in reducing work related accidents and promoting OSH in order to protect human resource and to prevent waste of resources.
He said, “Number of work-related accidents at the global level exceeds 360 million, resulted in 2,300,000 loss of workers’ life each year. On average, about four percent of the countries’ GDP is consumed annually to compensate work accidents and diseases. So we need exchange of knowledge and information and experiences to enhance people’s health among Islamic nations”.
The representative of Italian Minister for Health awarded an appreciation trophy to Dr. Rabiei for the comprehensive services of the MoCLSW in the health domain (particularly to the persons with disabilities, vulnerable social groups, health insurance promotion and …)


Mar 5, 2016 16:01


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