Strengthening Domestic Enterprises: Unemployment Solution

Minister of Cooperatives, Labour and Social Welfare believes unemployment issue could be addressed by strengthening domestic enterprises.
During inauguration ceremony of semi-solid and liquid manufacturing line and laboratory of PharmaChemie Co., the Minister of MoCLSW said, “The manufacturers should create value-added single products. Today, your company has unveiled a new value-added product.”
Dr. Rabiei said, “I hope the development plan of this pharmaceutical complex is completed as soon as possible in order to create more and more value-added goods and services.”
“As a social activist I should say that today, we need a production-oriented society; and I hope such favorable circumstances could be realized with the congruity and empathy among the Cabinet members”, said the Minister.
Mr. Rabiei further added, “Some 22% of the country’s pharmaceuticals are produced by companies affiliated to the pension funds and almost 50% of the prime materials are supplied by this sector. Also, pension funds under MoCLSW account for major part of pharmaceutical distribution, i.e. 50%”.
“Based on negotiations with our foreign counterparts, the Iranian pharmaceutical products will be exported to the international markets in Iraq, Turkey, Russia, Syria, Azerbaijan and other countries. Thus, pharmaceutical joint ventures will be one of our main ambitions’, said the Minister.
Dr. Rabiei also pointed out that so far more than 10 million marginalized informal workers are insured and one of the key initiatives of the Government is to insure all workers. He appreciated the efforts by PharmaChemie and said, “The burden of the major health plans is on the shoulders of those who are not seen or heard. We hope these efforts can solve problems of the disadvantaged people to live in peace and prosperity.”


Mar 26, 2016 10:44


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