Distinguished Workers Awards Ceremony

At a ceremony held here in Tehran to celebrate the Labour Day and to honor distinguished workers and exemplary enterprises, Minister of Cooperatives, Labour and Social Welfare, Dr. Rabiei, thanked the President Rouhani for attending the event and said, “Your presence at this workers’ gathering is the sign of Government empathy and unanimity with the workers’ issues such as their subsistence and livelihood as well as their righteous demands; therefore, the Government challenges to improve the unpleasant situation imposed on workers’ life.
As a person coming from worker’s community, I recognize the efforts made by the Government to eliminate the burden on workers’ shoulder. As a member of the worker’s community, I announce that tripartism (consensus, dialogue and partnership) is a concrete behavior in your Government.”
The Minister of Cooperatives, Labour and Social Welfare added, “I appreciate the permission given to the workers to stage their peaceful rallies on this Day. This is the second year in a row that the Government respects the workers’ right to freedom of peaceful assembly and establishment of trade associations.
This Ministry is a true manifestation of cohesion and shared aims between workers and entrepreneurs, something that has barely happened in the previous administrations. Workers are faithful to the Revolution, Imam Khomeini, the Supreme Leader and the Government, and will keep their bonds strong up to the achievement of the key goals.
We try to increase the labour share of the cost price and in the meantime, to decrease the same for the entrepreneurs. We are here to improve the employment, workers’ livelihood and production as a whole. We support labourers and workers and at the same time encourage entrepreneurs, who make lawful money from their own work, not those who earn income and position through dishonest way of money. “
Underlining the importance of Health Transformation Plan, Dr. Rabiei reiterated, “Fighting poverty and organizing employment and workers’ health issues … are parts of our agenda. Today, the Social Security Fund fully serves the retired and the workers. Under the new inclusive Health Plan, more than 10 million disadvantaged workers covered by the insurance scheme. The latter had been so important to the life of the vulnerable workers; meanwhile, the President ordered to reduce the gap of workers’ livelihood. “
“Decent work and social security serving the retired” is our main maxim”, added Rabiei.
To conclude, the Minister praised the supports and diligence of the President in making important decisions and said that the Iranian workers are to create everything out of nothing. The event continued by honoring 14 distinguished workers who received their awards from the President.  


May 11, 2016 13:32


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