Dr. Rabiei: Inclusive-Employment and Poverty-Oriented Resistance Economy

Iranian socio-economic system is now experiencing one of its most critical period ever. A period characterized by complexity, velocity and ambiguity in development of the outward/inward environment that is hardly predictable on the one hand, and is aiming at transition to a new era towards a bright and lofty horizon on the other.
Such a great and historic transition is based on unprecedented opportunities and grounds including settlement of international tensions and reestablishment of diplomatic transactions with the world, creation of a conducive environment for taking advantage of foreign resources such as finance, technology, know-how, stability and political security at national level comparing to other regional States. Also the Government’s success to hold back negative economic growth and beginning of growth period and reducing inflation to a single digit, facilitating decision making and policy making…
Besides, promotion of country level in business environment (34 ranks promotion) and inauguration of the new Parliament in an atmosphere of collaboration with the Legislative branch towards realization of economic objectives; relative exchange market stability and proper management of public financial liabilities are among actions seriously pursued by the Government within the past three years. Sound management of public development budget through execution of priority civil plans supported by oil and gas reserves are golden chances for Iranian economy to encourage local and foreign economic stakeholders to activate country’s economic engine and provide suitable grounds for sustainable and inclusive growth in the years ahead. Undoubtedly, it is not only the promising aftermaths of a dignified nuclear deal, but more importantly, the historic display of continuation of authority based on inclusive and active partnership, wisdom and responsible civil conduct of our dear nation that has brought about a sustained and stable security.
This is a unique opportunity to shape the modern time for setting goals of national development, as well as Action and Implementation for An Economy of Resistance, called upon by the Supreme Leader. Time for sustainable, fair and human-centered development, inclusive and sustained growth, productive, decent and anti-poverty employment, which enable us to benefit from development goods and blessings in a dignified and responsive manner. A resistance economy is only possible in the light of maintaining and developing human capital, natural and environmental endowments, maximum efficiency and productivity, active production, employment and competitiveness based on creativity, renewal of processes, technology, method, structure and organization as well as market development and business diversification. A resistance economy requires fairness and justice in opportunities, capabilities and growth means as well as individual and social promotion, participation, supervision and inclusion of all citizens, ensuring the effective and sustainable function of social security institutions.
Resistance economy embraces a balanced regional development based on cooperative competition as well as local opportunities, recognition and identity. Within the agenda of such liberating insight, the national economic growth should result in sustainable growth of the citizens, optimal productivity in using natural resources and less territorial degradation and wastes, productive employment and value-added. According to the many leading international organizations and institutions, 2016 could be a turning point in change of economic path from negative and low growth to economic catch-up and beginning of economic prosperity for Iran.
The reliable world research papers predicted Iran to experience 3-6 percent economic growth and adding up to one trillion dollars to its GDP and generating 8 million job opportunities. However, the quality and position of economic growth within the coming years and how welfare and development spillover effects are distributed is more important for the Iranian economy; in other words, what is of paramount importance is paying more attention to sustainable and inclusive economic growth that is gained not only by active participation of all economic stakeholders in productive sectors, but also the possibility of decision making for an advanced organization to guide the growth institution through…


Jun 26, 2016 15:26


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