Iran-Austria Cooperation to Launch SMEs

Alois Stöge, Austrian Minister of Labour and Dr. Rabiei, Iranian Minister of Cooperatives, Labou and Social Welfare, held a bilateral meeting at the sideline of the ILC 105th Session.
The two sides expressed their desire to further expand cooperation, particularly in creating jobs and setting up new SMES.
Dr. Rabiei said, “Austria is positively remembered by the Iranian public opinion as an important country. I believe that cooperation in the following three areas could be beneficial to both countries: exchange of experiences in social insurance, welfare policies and pension funds; cooperation in launching SMEs; and cooperation in technical and vocational training.”
The Austrian Minister said, “I hope Iran-Austria mutual relations would further expand after visit of our President to the Islamic Republic of Iran. We are also willing to cooperate and exchange experiences with Iran in pension systems and healthcare services. Our younger adults receive skill trainings in factories while still studying. Moreover, enterprises provide training courses for the youth in order to empower them and to make their future employment easy. Based on this, the Government of Austria approved a bill last week on provision of skill training for 15-18 year old youth.”
Mentioning the similarities of the two countries’ social security funds and establishment of social security organization inspired by the principles of German social security system, Mr. Rabiei said, “We are willing to cooperate with Austrian Labour Ministry in the field of actuarial systems due to the increase of life expectancy and the condition of related funds in the country. Our pension and insurance funds are the owner of a huge body of capital; therefore, we can promote cooperation and joint ventures in different fields such as transport, tourism, oil, gas, petro-chemistry and pharmaceuticals.”
Dr. Rabiei invited the Austrian Minister to visit Iran and further discuss the issues of mutual interests.


Jul 4, 2016 11:34


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