Refah k. Bank

Refah Bank in a glance
Refah Bank was founded in August 1960 in accordance with Article 39 of the Country’s Budget Law and Article 38 of the Social Insurances Organization, firstly with the aim of providing welfare and facilities and in order to meet the workers’ needs and requirements. Refah Bank commenced its banking activities officially since 1961 concurrent with the establishment of its two central branches in Tehran and Isfahan. The initial capital of Refah Bank was IRR 400 Million which has been allocated out of the resources of the Social Security Organization as the biggest and strongest public organization in Iran.Refah Bank is a well-known commercial bank with a history of over five decades extending proper and state of the art banking services to customers from all walks of life while enjoying 9963 personnel and 1052 active branches all across the country.
Refah Bank is equipped with high degree of the public’s trust and a talented, young and educated society of human resources and renders valuable services in line with executing macroeconomic policies of the I.R.Iran especially in the field of exporting non-oil products and agricultural and industrial manufacturing.
Refah Bank stands among the six major Iranian commercial banks in the Islamic republic of Iran being one of the most reputable banks in the banking system.

After lifting of the sanctions against I.R.iran and implementation of JCPOA and also reconnection of SWIFT, new opportunities have been opened for the banking system and Refah Bank resumed international banking activities in a great extent and established correspondent relations with correspondent banks all around the world.

Last Update : Jun 27, 2020 23:18