state welfare organization

SWO,with the aim of providing different kinds of services for target communities has been established.

The state welfare organization is one of the governmental supporting entities which through general budgets help the people with disabilities and deprived persons. After the victory of Islamic republic of Iran, state welfare organization initiated its activity after merging charities organization that provided different services, so that after precise studies by Martyr Dr.Fayazbakhs, the state welfare organization due to approved bill dated 15/6/1979 to realization the provisions of articles 3th, 21st and 29th of the constitution of Islamic Republic of Iran by merging 16 organizations, entities and association was established to provide non-insurance services by preserving human values and dignity as well as relying on public participation to extend rehabilitation services, prevention of disabilities and social harms. Whereas in 2003, according to the structure law of the ministry of social security and welfare, the state welfare organization with social security organization and medical insurance services was separated from the ministry of health and joined the ministry of labor, cooperative and social welfare as its subset.SWO

Last Update : Jun 27, 2020 23:01