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Technical and Vocational Training Organization

TVTO’s main task is providing vocational training and research through 1 - 18 months courses in: permanent centers of the

public sector(702 centers- nationwide) , mobile training teams (in remote areas), training in prisons, training in garrisons, training in industries, training in Instructor Training Center (ITC) and private training institutions(14 thousand institutions authorized by TVTO). TVTO trains skilled and semi-skilled labor force which is needed by industry, agriculture and service providers throughout the country, and improves the culture of getting technical skills in the society


TVTO has continuously developed communication with international Institutes like ILO and WSI, to achieve the latest sciences and technologies and keep step with international standards.

The Responsibilities and Missions of TVTO
-The preparation of the technical and vocational development plans

-The establishment and development of educational centers (basic and advanced)
-the preparation of curricula and teaching sources based on the national standards of occupations
-Observing the executive standards, including the trainer, space, equipment and instruments in accordance with the vocations and skill modules in all of the educational sections of the organization

-The provision of the required educational and job consultancy services for learners
-The supervision of covered educational centers based on the regulations
-The organization of World skills competitions by TVTO


-Conducting fundamental and practical researches in the field of required human resources development of the country and TVTO

Administration Offices & Provincial Branches of TVTO
HQ in Tehran
31 general offices across the country
Instructor Training Center (ITC) in Karaj
702 active permanent centers

12304 Institutes in Private sector