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   Objectives and duties

The Civil Servants Pension Organization (C.S.P.O ) is based on the following objectives :

Establishing a self-sufficient system based on the scientific studies and arranging an appropriate system for paying pension to the retired and pensioners by using new designing methods and exploiting a developed system and equipment for paying pension ,accomplishing commitments and income collecting .

Economic and assured exploitation of funds through investing in fruitful economic and commercial activities .

Putting forward expertly-suggested proposals for being approved by the competent authorities to improve the subsistence situation of the retired and pensioners .

Basic duties

Administrating the retirement and invalidity affairs , survivors’ pension of the members of Civil Servants Pension Fund (C.S.P.F), governmental companies regarding retirement and pension , and preparing the executive by-laws for the C.S.P.O.

Enforcing the approvals of the C.S.P.O council.

Preparing and enforcing the exploitation projects for the C.S.P.F funds, operational budget, and performance program .

Taking all the necessary actions to preserve the retired and pensioners’ rights and adjusting their pensions to the increase of living costs .

Preserving the C.S.P.F rights and carrying out all the legal affairs and claims related to the C.S.P.F .

Presenting performance report and annual balance-sheet of each fund and consolidated balance sheet of the C.S.P.O to the C.S.P.F.