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The full insurance coverage of the country population
 The mission of Iran Health Insurance Organization is to extend the basic medical insurance to all strata of the insured in order to provide on time and just accessibility to medical and diagnostic cares and services.
We have a clear sense of our organization purpose-to help individuals having no medical expenditure concern, and the aim of the translation group is to internationally introduce, acknowledge and announce the vision, mission, and attempts of Iran Health Insurance Organization in detail.
History of Medical Service Insurance Organization:
The Respectful Parliament of Islamic Republic approved an act referred to as “Public Medical Service Insurance of the Country” on 24, October 1994. After final ratification of Respectful Guardian Council, the subject matter was assigned to the Board of Ministers for accomplishment. According to this law, the government had explicitly the duty of executing the medical insurance coverage throughout the society and facilitating the necessities in utmost 5 years.
Following the acceptance of public insurance bill, Medical Service Insurance Organization was established based upon the precision of law and bylaws of the Board of Ministers and started its work officially since 22, September, 1995. According to this law, the coverage of different social strata such as civil-servants, villagers, decamping tribes, self-employed, martyrs’ high steamed families, released captives; the injured of war, the clergy, and the theologue and university students was assigned to Medical Service Insurance Organization.
In 2001, the parliament approved a bill named Urban Hospitalization Insurance. The goal of this bill was to deliver medical services and insure the uncovered population.
Since March 2002, as though, Medical Service Insurance Organization applied decisions and facilities needed in order to insure the uncovered population. The subjects to this law were mostly the vulnerable who took free benefits from the bill in the form of %90 coverage of in-patient services expenditures in state hospitals.
Since March 2005, Medical Service Insurance Organization delivered in-patient and out-patient services to the rural, tribes and the urban citizens of cities with a population of less than 20,000 through the execution of “Promotion of Rural and Tribal Medical Insurance Plan” and replacement of insurance cards by insurance books.
The mentioned steps were taken through referral system and family physician and subsequently after the elimination of the medical insurance overlaps; the rural insurance fund was established with about twenty-three million insured.
According to the fourth developing program and with the approval of the Board of Ministers, in order to provide medical insurance for all the uncovered Iranians residing in cities, by merging the self-employed and urban hospitalization insurance funds belonging to Medical Service Insurance Organization, the Iranian Medical Insurance Fund was established. Through this fund, the insured pay just 50% of premium and the rest is paid by the government, since December2008.The people who cannot afford the approved 50% premium can benefit from the partial to complete discount with the approval of Imam Khomeini Relief Committee. 
In the long run, presently Iran Health Insurance Organization, delivering Medical Insurance Services to %50 of the whole population of the country with about 36 million insured and 43,000 contracted medical diagnostic centers as the greatest Iran Health Insurance Organization is at the service of health and social welfare of the Iranian.